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Our new paper due out in Dec 5 CELL

This is the paper showing probiotic therapy works in the mouse model of an autism risk factor. Advertisements

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Non-human primate model of the maternal infection risk factor for autism and schizophrenia

We have just published our first paper on extending the rodent model of maternal immune activation to monkeys. As repeat readers of this blog, and the accompanying book, well know, an important risk factor for both autism and schizophrenia is … Continue reading

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flu during pregnancy & bipolar in offspring

Readers of this book and blog are well aware that influenza infection during pregnancy increases the risk for schizophrenia and autism in the offspring. Now Alan Brown and colleagues at Columbia Univ expand that risk to bipolar disorder (BD). The … Continue reading

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Placentas and autism

Several people have inquired about a new paper tying abnormalities in the placenta with an autism outcome in the offspring. This work involved a collaboration between Cheryl Walker and colleagues at UC Davis and Harvey Kliman at Yale in which … Continue reading

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More evidence of immune involvement in autism and schizophrenia, and implications for therapy

Given that many studies have provided evidence that infection in ¬†pregnant women is associated with increased risk for autism and schizophrenia in the offspring, Alan Brown and his colleagues in Finland measured the levels of C-reactive¬†protein¬†(CRP), an established biomarker of … Continue reading

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Pure cure for autism?

An impressive new paper is just out from Robert Naviaux, Susan Powell and colleagues at UC San Diego. They use our mouse model of the autism and schizophrenia risk factor, maternal immune activation during pregnancy, to show that a drug … Continue reading

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TEDx talk: Mind altering microbes

Our just graduated PhD student Elaine Hsiao recently gave a superb 5 minute talk at Caltech’s TEDx event on her work on gut-brain connections related to autism: Mind Altering Microbes. [click on that title to see the talk][click on the … Continue reading

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