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Our new paper due out in Dec 5 CELL

This is the paper showing probiotic therapy works in the mouse model of an autism risk factor.

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We have just published our first paper on extending the rodent model of maternal immune activation to monkeys. As repeat readers of this blog, and the accompanying book, well know, an important risk factor for both autism and schizophrenia is … Continue reading

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Summary of autism treatments

Our collaborator at Arizona State University, James Adams, has put together a useful summary and analysis (with references) of the incredibly diverse array of autism treatments out there – including many pharmaceuticals, diets, dietary supplements, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen, etc. This … Continue reading

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Stem cell therapy for autism – first clinical trial

A paper just out from the Shenzen Beike Cell Engineering Research Institute in Guangdong, China presents the first results of a proof-of-concept, safety trial of stem cell (SC) injections in 37 autistic children. The justification for this intervention is primarily … Continue reading

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Stress sends immune cells into the brain

As discussed in my book, stress promotes inflammation and immune dysfunction, as well as anxiety. A new and very complete paper from John Sheridan and colleagues at Ohio State University provides evidence that stress also induces an influx of immune … Continue reading

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Important advance for major depressive disorder

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is quite common and can be very disabling if not treated properly. However, fewer than 40% of patients achieve remission with their initial treatment. In the case of ineffective therapy, those patients often then experience months … Continue reading

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Pictures from Africa

Some of the classes I taught in Uganda in June – Very bright students in Kampala prep school.Chalk talk Class of ~90 students Singing Uganda national anthem after my lecture

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Maternal antibodies and ASD risk for the offspring

ASDresearchinitiative asked me to comment on the new papers from UC Davis, so now that I’m back from a grueling trip to E Africa (for lectures and touring), I should get back to work… In one paper, Melissa Bauman, David … Continue reading

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Positive sides to autism

In LA Times article, Temple Grandin sees the advantages that she and others with autism bring to society.

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Important message from the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health

Thanks to ADResearchInitiative blog for the tip on this message. On another note, our family is off to E Africa for 3 weeks to give lectures (me, viruses and mental health; wife Carolyn, special education) in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. … Continue reading

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