Positive sides to autism

In LA Times article, Temple Grandin sees the advantages that she and others with autism bring to society.

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3 Responses to Positive sides to autism

  1. Eva Vanamee says:

    Temple Grandin is a fantastic individual but she does not represent the true face of autism. Most autistic kids need 24/7 care and the families get little or no help from the medical community.
    This is autism:

    Researchers have to stop being complacent and have to start looking at the true causation. Our society will be unable to care for autistic children who are rapidly ageing out of the system.

  2. Hi Paul
    Will you be commenting on the Maternal Antibodies work that was recently published here – http://www.nature.com/tp/index.html

    I’d certainly like to if and how it ties in with your own research


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