The placenta and autism risk, and our genius collaborator

Elaine Hsiao and I just published an invited note on the SFARI (Simons Foundation autism Research Initiative) site regarding the role of the placenta in autism. The title they place on the article, “Placenta plays potent role in autism risk”, is a bit stronger than I would like, but that is the topic of the piece. Our longer review article on the role of the placenta in brain development just appeared as well.

Our microbiologist collaborator at Caltech, Sarkis Mazmanian, just received a MacArthur award, often referred to as the Genius Award. Which does  not surprise us at all!

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5 Responses to The placenta and autism risk, and our genius collaborator

  1. Loved the SFARI piece (complete with references!). As per a comment left on the SFARI post, it does make you wonder whether Prof. Barker and his thrifty phenotype hypothesis might come into play in some sort of fashion with autism (and other conditions) in mind? Potentially opening the epigenetics door?

  2. Hi Paul

    Professor Gillberg et al have just published some research that indicated there were no sex differences, although he gives two quiet sound reasons why.
    Putting that to one side are you finding any differences due to gender in any of the studies you have undertaken ? ie behaviour , physiology …


    • phpatterson says:

      Thx RI; I’ve not seen that article yet. Normally we have not seen much in the way of sex diffs but in unpublished work we are seeing some v striking diffs. Hopefully, this will come out soon. Cheers, P

  3. Reblogged this on asdresearchinitiative and commented:
    Always must read science and commentary.

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