Blocking flu infection very effectively

Asdresearchinitiative alerts us to a new paper that shows how to block and even prevent the effects of flu infection by inhaling a peptide termed EP67. When given 1 day before, or 1 day after, or at the same time as an influenza infection is given to mice, it blocks the effects of the infection, as measured by weight loss. Moreover, when given 1 day after a dose of influenza that is sufficient to kill all mice by 11 days, the peptide is able to rescue 100% of the mice. The peptide works by stimulating antigen presenting cells, without stimulating inflammatory cells. The authors make the point that this mechanism of action suggests that the peptide could work against many, diverse types of infections. Since many types of maternal infection raise the risk of autism and schizophrenia in the offspring, this peptide should also be tested in pregnant mice to see if it is safe and effective in that paradigm as well.

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